A springtime getaway at Lulu’s Repose offers all sorts of opportunities for great outdoors adventures. As winter relaxes its icy grip on the landscape the lakes begin to flow again and the forests begin to show signs of early life. Come spend some time with us this Spring and celebrate the end of the long, cold winter by getting out and enjoying the many activities furnished by the change in season.


White Water Rafting

In the Magnetawan area we typically receive large amounts of snow during the winter which translates into very high water levels in our lakes and rivers during the spring thaw. No more than 10 minutes from Lulu’s Repose, the Magnetawan River and Kneophli Falls offers a great starting point for your white water rafting adventure.

Magnetawan River Day Trips

White Water Rafting on the Magnetawan River


While staying at Lulu’s repose, why not get out and explore the great trails and majestic scenery of the Canadian Shield on the back of an ATV? Bring your own machine or sign up for a great guided tour that will take you across incredible landscapes with breath-taking scenery.
For the more experienced rider looking for a more challenging trail, there are numerous possibilities starting out from Lulu’s Repose.

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Maple Sugar Shack

In March and April with warmer days and cool nights, the maple sap begins to flow and it’s time for a visit to the sugar bush. Lulu’s Repose is in the heart of maple syrup country and the vast hardwood forests that are found here produce some of the finest product in Ontario. Maple syrup festivals and pancake barns and sugar bush tours are must family fun activity during April.  Don't miss the Canadian rite of spring. Take a day trip with the family and explore the sugar bush and sugar shacks that dot the area or come out to one of the annual maple syrup festivals.

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